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Tuk Tuk Patrol Review

Review Added: 2016-01-07
Updated on: 2016-08-15

Video content

  • 100+
  • 40 Minutes
  • MP4
  • Yes

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  • 100+
  • 80 Images
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  • No


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Overall score

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  • Final Score: 81%
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Site introduction

Tuk Tuk Patrol is a hot Asian hardcore site featuring very sexy babes from Thailand.  Get an idea what it feels like to be a sex tourist in this country as this lucky guy travels around in a Tuk Tuk picking up beautiful Asian babes to take back to his room for hot POV action though there are some scenes where the guys do show their faces and it is not POV, but most of the newer films seem to be POV.  The Tuk Tuk is a three wheeled vehicle that is popular among tourists to zip around whatever town they are in.  It is not unusual to see tourists coming from a bar with a very sexy Asian girl with him heading back to his hotel or even seeing a Tuk Tuk pulled over by the side of the road as the tourist talks to a babe to see if she is intersted in some naughty play. 

Of course these vehicles are mostly used for checking out the city and seeing tourist sites but this site brings in a little bit of the fun of the vehicle into their porn theme.  The site still updates on a regular basis with a new long video and photo set every couple of weeks for you to enjoy.  The content is very hot and it really gives you that feeling of being a sex tourist for the first time or perhaps reminds you of the days when you were actually in Thailand.

The Videos

The videos on Tuk Tuk Patrol for the most part are shot in POV action also called Point Of View where the male talent is usually holding the camera in front of him during the sexual action.  The girls are very sexy with 18+ babes all the way up to the MILF babes for those that like a range but I would say most of the babes are in their twenty something age.  The videos can be very long with some movies being over a hour long but I would say the average is about 40 minutes. 

The content is crisp and clear and you will get some blurry moments or a couple bad angles from time to time since this is POV movie action it is not always easy to keep that hand steady especially when you got a sexy babe or more playing with your cock. As mentioned above there was a time when they had a number of hardcore films that is not in the POV action but lately the scenes have been shot in the latter.  Each video also has a huge blog type post that delivers a story on the scene which is fun and gives you a background on the scene.  One thing that might turn some people off will be the movies are only offered in streaming format, no obvious download options.

The videos include but are not limited to the following types of content:

  • 18+ Asian Babes
  • MILF Babes
  • Hardcore
  • Threesomes
  • Bareback
  • Creampies
  • Blowjobs
  • Anal
  • Cumshots, Facials
  • Deepthroat
  • Lesbian Play
  • Chubby
  • Braces
  • Kissing
  • Big Boobs
  • Much More

The Photos

Every video set also has a photo set that goes along with the scene.  For the most part the images are shot rather well however I find the camera lens that the site uses a bit unusual.  It seems to make the images, especially the potrait images really skinny, makes the girls look a little odd but not terrible.  The photos are under the video and you can click on each images to see the full version.  Also, like the videos there is no download option to grab the whole set at once, you are limited to saving the images one at a time or having an external program to grab them off the site.


  • Still Updates
  • Long Movies
  • Bonus Video Content Area


  • Download Options Limited
  • Camera Lens For Photos Not My Favorite

Special Features

  • Rate and Comment On Content
  • Big Video Descriptions
  • Store Favorite Scenes


Tuk Tuk Patrol is a fun and sexy Asian hardcore site and it does give you the feeling that you are a sex tourist on the streets of Thailand looking for pussy.  The site does update on a regular basis and has some incredible long POV movies.  The girls seems to be totally down for the action and the content really speaks for itself.  I will admit it be nice to have more download options and that will be a turn off to some but if you can look past that then sit back and enjoy some very sexy babes servicing a very lucky guy.

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