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Manga Database Review

Review Added: 2015-12-30
Updated on: 2016-08-15

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  • 25 Images
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  • Yes


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  • Lots

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Site introduction

If you are a fan of both English and Japan Manga Comics then the Manga Database just might be exactly what you are looking for.  Manga often gets confused with Hentai but they are quite different.  Usually Manga is created by a small team of artists and writers and for the most part the comics are all in black and white.  Sure you will get the occasional color photo but that is usually the cover or perhaps a couple opening pages. 

Manga is for adults only, sure the content has some amazing artwork but the artwork is usually quite graphic with lots of hardcore, cumshots and taboo stories are often featured.  I will admit I am not a professional when it comes to Manga but I love the artwork and that is why I really enjoy it.  Some of the stories are fun but many are not really my style but I always enjoy the Manga drawings in almost all the sets inside.  Some of the comics are in Japanese so unless you can read that language those scenes will just have to be enjoyed by the artwork and your imagination.

Joining Manga Database Also Gives You Bonus Access To:

  • Hentai Movies - Hentai Flicks
  • Hentai Cinema - More Hentai Movies
  • Hentai Games
  • 3D Super Models - 3D Adult Cartoons
  • Comic Database -Adult Fun Porn Comics
  • Flash Games
  • Hentai Sugars - Hentai Images and Videos
  • Gay Hentai Exposed
  • Hentai Tube X - More Movies
  • Hentai X Shemales - Dick Girl Hentai

The Videos

There are no videos on Manga Database, Manga is for the most part black and white comics.

The Photos

Manga Database has a huge collection of comics for you to enjoy.  The site is updated on a regular basis though it might be in a rotation.  The site has well over 1000 comics with the majority consisting of girl Manga.  There is some dickgirl Manga but only about 70 comics out of the 1000 featured are  that type of content.  You can download the full set to your computer via zip file or click on the thumbnails online.  There is also an option to view the comcis using the photo slideshow player.  The number of comics per scene varies greatly from as little as 10 images to sets above 100 but for the most part about 25 images per comic scene is the average.


  • Hard To Find Content
  • Amazing Manga Art
  • Bonus Sites Included


  • Manga Database Has No Videos (Con To Some)

Special Features

  • Access To Hentai and Toon Network
  • Rate Content


Manga Database has some amazing graphic hardcore comics for you to enjoy.  As I stressed above this type of content is for adults as the Manga Girls get into all sorts of wild action, many of it is quite taboo and not only is the art graphic but the storylines can be as well.  Becoming a member of Manga Database you get access to a big Hentai and Toon porn network.  Though there is limited Manga on the other sites usually Manga fans also appreciate Hentai porn as well.  If you enjoyed the Manga comic images in this review then you surely enjoy the content inside of Manga Database.

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